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«Working on all sizes of VA project with Ateis kit, I’ve found it easy to set-up, use and maintain» Pat Bradley, (Honeywell, VA Customer Support)

Products: Voice Alarm Systems

Ateis UK manufactures a wide variety of equipment for asset and life safety protection through it’s unique public address and voice alarm systems. Ateis divide their voice alarm systems into three categories linked to the size of projects. The core range is the scalable IDA product and then we have SINAPS where IDA racks are linked to form very large system and finally, the DIVA compact range for systems of up to 8 zones.

You can read about each system and it’s peripherals in more detail on it’s own page by clicking through the categories below:

IDA4 Public Address & Voice Alarm (scalable to 256 zones)
The Ateis IDA unit provides 5 inputs and four zone outputs and is the basis of our stackable voice alarm system. It is a complete, monitored, voice alarm system with message storage, monitored contact inputs for fire alarm interfacing, as well as a MODBUS protocol to allow for third party control. It is compliant to EN60849 and in BS5839pt8 projects. IDA is easy to set up and program and is also ideal for retrofit on existing systems because it can monitor DC and impedance loudspeaker lines.

Features & Benefits

IDA4’s link together to build larger systems
Digital Message Storage
Cause and Effects Programming
99 programmable priority levels
Full compliance to BS requirements
Typical Applications: Retail outlets, office and commercial projects, railway stations (NR approved)

IDA peripherals include touchscreen programmable microphone consoles, standard consoles and a range of amplifiers from 60-480w per channel.

To find more information on the IDA systems click More Info

SINAPS Public Address & Voice Alarm Network (networkable up to 256 zones)
The SINAPS voice alarm uses our LAPs (linked audio processors) to build a resilient BS5839 compliant network that links our IDA stackable voice alarm systems. The LAP is a fully digital 48-channel backbone that comes pre-programmed to link IDA devices to create a scalable networked VA solution with full pro-audio facilities.

LAP uses a dedicated dual redundant network, so there’s no need for extra ethernet switches and, because they have 24VDC inputs, there’s no need for UPS power supplies.

Features & Benefits

Simple to program
Pro-Audio processing
Rack locations linked by Cat5 or fibre
Typical Applications: Any medium to large public address or voice alarm system e.g. airports and shopping centres.

To find more information on the SINAPS systems click More Info

DIVA8M Public Address & Voice Alarm System (compact up to 8 zones)
Walsall Magistrates CourtFor small to medium sized installations Ateis UK have developed the 8 zone DIVA voice alarm solution with EN60849/BS 5839 compliance. For a simple and easy to install PA system and VA system, the DIVA8M excels at covering up to eight paging zones with a total of up to 960w load. With 5 audio inputs and a 45 minute capacity digital message player, including full surveillance monitoring, the DIVA 8M is perfect for small, easy to install and setup, pa systems and va systems for schools, smaller shops and offices.

Features & Benefits

Up to 8 monitored zones
Up to 960 watts of amplification
Message store and player (45 mins)
Typical Applications: Railway Stations, Retail Shops, Offices, Colleges

Included within the DIVA8M voice alarm system is a surveillanced firemans microphone for live emergency broadcast messages.

To find more information on the DIVA8M system click More Info

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