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«I really like the audio processing facilities available as standard. Being able to measure each circuit’s impedance whilst sat down at a laptop is pretty cool too.» Rupert Moon, (Consultant Pro Audio)

Products: Loudspeakers
Ateis UK manufactures a variety of intelligent loudspeakers for specific roles. We offer Messenger digital steerable columns, Smartvox passive, aimed, columns and a loudspeaker specifically designed to overcome the problems encountered in tunnels. You can explore each of these below.

Messenger Series of line array speakers
Ateis UK Messenger steerable column array are directional loudspeakers. With there unique patented algorithm you can shape the sound lobes from the speakers and target specific areas with them. This intelligent solution to acoustics is currently being used to great effect in difficult environments such as the large reverberant space of Liverpool Cathedral and the Brit Cricket stadium the Oval, the latter of which has used the unique functions to reduce noise pollution effectively in the near by houses.

Features and Benefits

Tri-lobe acoustic design (three directional points for sound broadcasting which is fully adjustible)
24v battery backup with surveillance
SPL stays within +/- 2dB over 60 metres
Typical Application: Airports, shopping centres, places of worship

Earlier in 2009 the Messenger speakers were installed within the Brit Oval Cricket stadium in Surrey to provide public address capability for the attending crowd. Due to the unqiue steerability of the Messengers the lobes of projected sound could be directed exactly at the crowd. This benefited both the paying bystanders with clearer audio inteligibility while reducing the noise bleed from behind the speakers to ensure the local residential homes were not disturbed during matches. Due to this noise pollution reduction Ateis UK
won the coveted ‘Noise Oscar’ at the 2009 Noise Abatement Society’s John
Connell Award for Innovation.

Data Sheet A & E Specs (M series) A & E Specs (L series) A & E Specs (XL series)

A & E Specs (2L series) A & E Specs (2XL series)
Smartvox Column Speakers
The Smartvox unit is a fixed vertical line array loudspeaker which has been developed from the same technology that underpins the Messenger column array loudspeakers. It is however, considered a ‘dumb’ version due to the fact the lobes of sound are not steerable but have been set in direction at the point of manufacture.

Features and Benefits

Fixed audio arch for clarity of sound (max 93.5 dB)
50 watts of power
SPL stays within +/- 4dB up to 92 metres
Typical Application: Sports Stadia, Places of worship, Shopping Centres

The Smartvox has had definitive success in the smaller difficult acoustic environments of the Liverpool Cathedral. For the larger reverberant spaces then the Messenger steerable line array column speakers were used to great success in audio intelligibility.

Data Sheet A & E Specs
Low Ceiling Horn
The Low ceiling speaker horn from Ateis UK has been specifically designed to be used as a loudspeaker with Voice Alarm systems in tunnels. With it’s uniquely shaped funnel the low ceiling horn is capable to produce 117dB between 40 and 70 metres. This will have the knock on effect of reducing the amount of conventional distributed sound systems and amplification, thus reducing overall costs.

Features and Benefits

Boundry effect with low spill
High SPL of 132dB at 70 watts power
Specifically designed for tunnel VA systems
Typical Application: Any tunnel that requires voice alarm systems for emergency evacuation

Data Sheet

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