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«I really like the audio processing facilities available as standard. Being able to measure each circuit’s impedance whilst sat down at a laptop is pretty cool too.» Rupert Moon, (Consultant Pro Audio)

IDA Voice Alarm Systems

The IDA voice alarm products are the core product range that Ateis UK manufacture. IDA units create a scalable voice alarm system built on 4-zone building blocks for systems ranging from 4 zones to 256. There are a range of supporting products including both touchscreen and traditional microphones, amplifiers from 60-480W, chargers and power supplies. The range has been extensively sold around the World and is a mature and reliable product group complying to standards for Europe, the Middle and Far East including BS5839pt8.

Creating a system is simplicity itself. Each IDA system starts with a master unit (IDA4M) and then slaves (IDA4MS) are added to build up the system. The units link together to form larger VA matrices by simply plugging a CAT5 cable between them. You add the amplifier sizes that you require for each zone and then include our IDA4SU to provide A/B splitting and processor bypass. Because of this, IDA has the advantage that changes in specification during projects can be easily accommodated. IDA’s are also simple to program and configure and can provide full cause and effects from single contacts.

IDA Public Address & Voice Alarm System

The IDA unit provides 5 inputs and four zone outputs and is the basis of our stackable voice alarm system. It is a complete, monitored, voice alarm system with message storage, monitored contact inputs for fire alarm interfacing, as well as a MODBUS protocol to allow for third party control. It is compliant to EN60849 and in BS5839pt8 projects. IDA is easy to set up and program and is also ideal for retrofit on existing systems because it can monitor DC and impedance loudspeaker lines.

Because it is expandable IDA is suitable for most voice alarm projects with up to 256 zones, traditionally being used in retail and commercial space.

Features & Benefits

LCD Front Panel
Digital Message Storage
Cause and Effects Programming
99 programmable priority levels
Full compliance to BS requirements
Typical Applications: Retail outlets, office and commercial projects, railway stations (NR approved)

All IDA equipment is built with excellent sound quality as a priority. IDA includes equalisation for inputs and outputs and a full bandwidth and great message quality. These qualities ensure that you get the best performance and intelligibility possible with your Ateis IDA system.

When specifying IDA systems, it is important to remember to use the code IDA4XM for systems requiring ambient noise sensing. For systems requiring ‘processor bypass’ and A/B circuitry, the IDA4SU is required. The application sheet shows examples of how to assemble the correct parts list. If you need any help designing a system, give Ateis UK a call.

IDA is Network Rail Approved and copies of our certifications are available on request.

Application Demo Datasheet A & E Specs
PSSDT Paging Microphones (IDA Peripheral)
The PSSDT Touchscreen is a fully programmable and monitored security and paging microphone.

Features & Benefits

Programmable Touchscreen
Controls a wide range of system facilities
Easy CAT5 wiring
Built-in monitor loudspeaker
Additional Models

  • PSSKB (Additional two button module)

Typical Applications: Can be used with IDA, SINAPS and DIVA systems

Through either a pc connection or via the touch screen itself, this microphone can be configured to operate all zone parameters. These include assigning zones to buttons, naming zones, creating group zones, accessing different messages, press-to-call functionality, music on/off and music routing and much more!

Datasheet A & E Specs
SPA Amplifiers (IDA Peripheral)
SPA amplifiers by Ateis UK were initially designed to meet the requirements of EN60849 for life safety installations. Each amplifier channel comes fitted with it’s own 24 VDC power supply to ensure overall reliability.

Features & Benefits

100v outputs
Power supply surveillance
High quality sound reproduction
Power Outputs: SPA 2060 – 2 x 60 watt amplifiers, SPA 2120 – 2 x 120 watt amplifiers, SPA 2240 – 2 x 240 watt amplifiers, SPA 1480 – 1 x 480 watt amplifiers, SPA 2480 – 2 x 480 watt amplifiers

Datasheet A & E Specs (2060) A & E Specs (2120) A & E Specs (2240)
PS24 Power Supply (IDA Peripheral)
The PS24 is the optional power supply unit with audio monitoring for the Ateis UK IDA public address systems and voice alarm systems.

Features & Benefits

85 to 264 VAC input voltage
24 VDC /4.5 A output
Electronic and fuse safeguards
Typical Applications: To provide power supply and audio surveillance to any IDA public address system or voice alarm system.


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