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«Working on all sizes of VA project with Ateis kit, I’ve found it easy to set-up, use and maintain» Pat Bradley, (Honeywell, VA Customer Support)

Ateis UK Public Address & Voice Alarm Products

Ateis manufacture a wide range of public address systems, voice alarm systems, loudspeakers and associated peripherals. Below is an overview of the main product categories and technologies.

Voice Alarm Systems

Voice Alarm systems are the core products that Ateis manufacture. From small DIVA 8 zone systems to large SINAPS multizone systems, Ateis UK can provide you with a secure and reliable solution for all sizes of voice alarm project.Walsall Magistrates Court

Product range includes

  • IDA (stackable VA up to 256 zones)
  • SINAPS (IDA units networkable up to 256 zones)
  • DIVA (voice alarm network)

Typical Applications: Shopping Centres, Rail Stations, Airports, Office Buildings

The Walsall magistrates court has a 6 zone DIVA system with 110 speakers divided over five zones. As well as providing evacuation messaging it uses usher’s microphones to call people to court.

DSP Audio Networking

Whether you need Pro Audio solutions with third party controller interfaces to select and broadcast background music and announcements or require networked live audio capability, then Ateis UK have the right systems for you in the UAPg2 and LAP.Kettner's Restaurant

DSP Audio Networking Systems

  • UAPg2 (DSP Audio Processor)
  • LAP (Networked Audio Processor)

Typical Applications: Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Clubs, Shopping Centres

Kettner’s restaurant utilises the Ateis UK UAPg2 system with linked in Creston wireless controllers to switch and change live music to any or all zones across the three floors of the building.

Public Address over IP

Ateis UK have delivered a unique range of software server based solutions with excellent multi-functional IP-based intercoms to ensure that all live announcements, chimes, pre-recorded messages and other audio provides excellent clarity and security across all of your zones. This IP based voice alarm technology now allows you to easily control and monitor all of your networked paging zones from a remote central location.ExCel Exhibition Centre

Public Address Over IP Products

  • TerraCom NET (Voice Alarm IP Network Control Software)
  • VOX@NET (Voice Alarm Network Control Software)
  • PMIP Intercoms (IP Based Desktop Intercoms)
  • UCIP Intercoms (IP Based Wall Intercoms)

Typical Application: Rail Stations, Exhibition Centres, Secure Area Access

The PA over IP range of Ateis UK products are brand new and will be perfect for remote long line public address systems for Rail Stations networked and controlled through a central station.


Ateis UK manufacture a select range of steerable line array column speakers called the Messengers. The Messenger range of loudspeakers cover various sizes to suit environments and utilise a special patented algorithm which allows you to direct the audio beam (lobes) to your target audiences with greater clarity while lowering unintentional loudspeaker noise spill.

Loudspeaker Products

  • Messenger Series (Steerable Column Speakers)
  • Smartvox (Fixed Column Speakers)
  • Low Ceiling Horn (Tunnel Speakers)

Typical Application: Places of Worship, Vehicle Tunnels, Sports Stadia,

The UK’s largest Cathedral (built in Liverpool) has been fitted with a selection of Messenger steerable and Smartvox fixed loudspeakers. With their unique ability to direct the lobes of sound in this highly reverberant space, the Ateis UK Messenger loudspeakers have been able to produce high quality audio intelligibility and clarity. The speakers have been expertly camouflaged to match seemlessly with the Neo-Gothic architecture and present an excellent choice for audio applications in Historical and Heritage sites where speaker aesthetics are just as important as audio clarity.


The Ateis UK Magellan intercoms produce excellent audio quality through DSP feedback supression, automatic sensing echo feedback and additional BME induction loop for the hard of hearing. All housed in vandal proof casing the Magellan counter intercom is the perfect solution for any ticket boothes or

interview rooms.

Intercom Products

  • Magellan (Counter Intercom)

Typical Application: Ticket Offices, Interview Rooms, Police Stations

The Ateis Magellan counter intercom unit has enjoyed huge success with SNCF after several thousand units were provided for the installation into SNCF ticket boothes across many rail stations in France. Easy to setup and simple to use through intuitive controls, the Magellan counter intercom is a great solution for all of your desktop through glass counter intercom needs.

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