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For small to medium sized installations Ateis UK have developed the 8 zone DIVA voice alarm solution with EN60849/BS 5839 compliance.

DIVA8M Voice Alarm System (8 zone)
For a simple and easy to install pa system and va system, the DIVA8M excels at covering up to eight paging zones with distribution of 500 watts per zone. With 5 audio inputs and a 45 minute capacity digital message player, including full surveillance monitoring, the DIVA 8M is perfect for small, easy to install and setup, public address and voice alarm systems for schools, offices and residential areas and many more.

Features and Benefits

Up to 8 monitored zones
500 watts of amplification
Message store and player (45 mins)

Typical Application: Railway Stations, Retail Shops, Offices, Colleges

The DIVA8M is the perfect system for a public address and voice alarm for small railway stations. With the inbuilt monitored 45 minute music and message scheduler/player you can regularly update travellers with train times and delay broadcasts. Included within the DIVA8M voice alarm system is a surveillanced firemans microphone for live emergency broadcast messages.

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